Structure Events brings you the most interesting and informative events in the tech industry. The company was founded in 2015 by two former Gigaom executives: Clare Ryan, CEO and the former head of Gigaom’s events business, and Tom Krazit, Executive Editor and the former head of Gigaom’s editorial group.

Structure events mix technology professionals, business leaders, savvy investors, and eager entrepreneurs hoping to learn from each other about the opportunities presented by the ever-changing world of technology. Our goal is to find the people and companies that are putting the future of technology to work today; the people who have already seen the future and can help everyone understand the technologies and strategies that will become mainstream a few years down the road.

We’re currently focused on four distinct areas: cloud computing (Structure, our flagship event), big data/artificial intelligence (Structure Data), the internet of things (Structure Connect) and information security (Structure Security). We’re always looking for interesting speakers, ideas, and conversations about the future of technology, which we showcase on this site through our own writers and guests from the community. Here, we’ll also explore new ideas that have yet to develop into Structure events but which have the potential to be game changers in a few years.

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